Welcome to Cold Blood Creations.

Like many people with an interest in herpetology my fascination with reptiles began at an early age.
As a kid, growing up in the south of England, I would catch lizards and snakes in the countryside around my home.
In the early 90's I began keeping exotic reptiles, and kept many different species of snakes and lizards until 2004, when I sold off my UK collection to travel extensively throughout India and SE Asia.
I ended up living and working in Malaysia and southern Thailand for the next six years.

Green tree python, Morelia viridis head.

I now live in Sweden and my fascination with these enigmatic creatures continues, with a special interest in Indonesian and Australasian pythons. I began rebuilding my collection again in 2010.

On this web site you can see the species that I am currently working with and any captive bred young that I have for sale.

Jungle carpet head detail.

Under the collection tab you can find general descriptions, natural history and care information for each species in my collection.

I also enjoy photographing my reptiles and all the images on this website are my own. You can see more images on the gallery page.

Under the terrariums tab you can find links to several pages showing how I build my terrariums and make backgrounds for them along with general information about how I keep my collection.

I hope you enjoy looking around the site,
Andy Womersley.