Welcome to Cold Blood Creations.

Like many with an interest in herpetoculture, my fascination with reptiles began at an early age.
I was born in England and spent many summers as a child looking for lizards and snakes in the countryside around my home.

I began keeping exotic reptiles in the early 1990's and kept many different species of reptiles, although my main interest was in Indonesian pythons. I sold off my UK collection in 2004 to travel extensively throughout India and SE Asia.

Bothrochilus albertisii head shot showing iride

After spending a year visiting some amazing places such as Laos, Yunnan, Cambodia and Indonesia amongst others, I went on to spend the next five years living and working in southern Thailand and Malaysia. I finally came back to Europe in 2010 and began keeping reptiles again.

I now live in Sweden and my fascination with these enigmatic creatures continues, with a sole focus on Indonesian and Australasian pythons.

Male Sorong type green tree python (head shot).

On this web site you can see the species that I am currently working with.

You can also find general descriptions, natural history and care information for each species in my collection along with how I personally keep my reptiles.

I am not a business or by any means an expert, just a hobbyist with a passion for reptiles. If you keep or are interested in any of the species I keep then I hope that you might find some information on this website interesting.

Andy Womersley.