These are the species that I am currently working with.

Click on the images for more information on each species.

Morelia viridis
(Aru Green Tree Python)

Morelia azurea pulcher
(Vogelkop Peninsula Green Tree Python)

White lipped python, Bothrochilus albertisii.

Leiopython albertisii
(Northern White Lipped Python)

Bismarck ringed python, Bothrochilus boa

Bothrochilus boa
(Bismarck Ringed Python)

Malayopython reticulatus
(Timor Island Reticulated Python)

Python brongersmai
(Bangka Island Blood Python)


Below are species that I am no longer working with or focusing on with regards to current or future breeding projects.

The old natural history and captive maintenance information pages are still available by clicking on the images.

Jungle carpet python, Morelia spilota cheynei

Morelia spilota cheynei
(Jungle Carpet Python)