These are the species that I am currently working with.

Click on the images for more information on each species.


Jungle carpet python, Morelia spilota cheynei

Morelia spilota cheynei
(Jungle Carpet Pythons)


Green tree python,Morelia viridis

Morelia viridis
(Green Tree Pythons)

White lipped python, Bothrochilus albertisii.

Bothrochilus albertisii
(Northern White Lipped Pythons)

Bismarck ringed python, Bothrochilus boa

Bothrochilus boa
(Bismarck Ringed Pythons)

Malayopython reticulatus, male Timor island, Kupang retic.

Malayopython reticulatus
(Reticulated pythons)

Python brongersmai, Bangka island blood python.

Python brongersmai
(Blood Pythons)


Apodora papuana, Papuan python.

Apodora papuana
(Papuan Pythons)


Simalia amethistina, Sorong bar neck scrub python.

Simalia amethistina
(Northern Scrub Pythons)